Monday, February 11, 2013

Received: KY $10 Rebate (K-Y)

I finally got my K-Y $10 Rebate! I was beginning to think I wouldn't receive it since it was limited to the first 20,000 "qualified submissions" and I submitted mine the Wednesday after it came out. (I had planned on making it out on Sunday to make sure they didn't run out of K-Y at Walgreens and then mailing it out promptly on Monday. Luckily not so many people were quite as keen on the rebate as I was! LOL) I guess that means I sent in all the right stuff! One of my biggest pet peeves is not knowing where my money is, so I posted this for anyone else out there that likes to know when to start worrying about his/her rebate :D I will do this for every rebate I do linked to Walgreens check back here if you ever find yourself wondering ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Walgreens Systems Down?

Picking up a few things this sunday I noticed the computer systems are down... yet again! They weren't taking any form of card at all, and Balance Points weren't working either.

Now, in light of the changes across all Walgreens (new registers, scanning coupons Walgreens coupons first, etc.), I am not surprised to see issues. It seems like everytime they bring in something new and "better" there are issues. Walgreens IT department, get on it! Hopefully this was an isolated event; I would hate to be left high and dry on my points. So check your receipts and make sure everything credited all right.

Missing Balance Rewards Points? Go to or call (855) 225-0400.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Received: P&G $15 Mail In Rebate

Wondering if anyone else received the P&G $15 Holiday Must Haves Rebate?

I got mine last week! 

It came in the form of a $15 Prepaid VISA MasterCard, and as allowed on the rebate form, I spent $51 before coupons. I've never tried their rebates before so I was pleased to see it really does work :) I am not, however, a fan of the "fees schedule." From the looks of it they charge $3 per month as a maintenance fee--so I strongly recommend anyone with this rebate card to spend it ASAP!

The card itself is pretty cute and arrived before it was supposed to. :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Barefoot Rebate Received for Full Amount!

Now this is unexpected!

There was some talk on coupon forums that Freeman, the manufacturer of Barefoot cream, usually takes the coupon value away from the rebate. So maybe they were too swamped to care that I used a Register Reward to pay but they gave me the full amount before coupons and sale and Wags discount! Talk about a nice late Christmas present :)

I got $14.99, it was on sale for $9.99, $8.49 with discount, plus I spent a $3 Register Reward! Now to go and invest it back into couponing :)

Wags Discount Revived!

After more than a year of dormancy, I am back to blogging about our Walgreens discount and couponing!

There are no new changes, just new commitment. I plan on keeping the blog updated with ways of maximizing our discount, be it military/employee/family, with the new system of Register Rewards and points.  Enjoy and let me know how you like it!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

2/$8 Ringing oddly on H&S

Be aware that the first Head & Shoulders rings up at $1.71 so if you use the B1G1 coupon the cashier will likely enter that amount.But if you ask nicely and share a coupon s/he may just take off $3.40 (half the price for 2 w/disc.). It worked for me!

The $2 RR is printing though! Looks like it's triggered by quantity!

Buy (2) $6.80 w/disc.   -B1G1F MQ

Get $2 RR (like paying $1.40 each!)

Remember, the coupon is good today only (7/5 P&G) 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday Snag: This week's Money Makers!

Snag them before they're gone!

This week has it all!

  • Allegra Allergy 5 ct $5.94 w/disc. plus $2 off coupon get $6.99 MIR... $3.05 Money Maker

  • Celadrin Inflame-away joint health $8.50 w/disc.  get $10 RR... $1.50 Money Maker 

  • Keri Lotion (unadvertised, displayed) $5.94 w/disc. plus $2 off coupon get $6 RR... $1.06 Money Maker